How do I know if a battery is suitable for my vehicle?

To find out if a battery is suitable for my vehicle, the best thing to do is to contrast the characteristics of the battery we have installed with the one we are going to buy.

Battery technology.

First of all, we must check that the type of battery is compatible with the one we are going to buy. If the technology is special, it is usually indicated on the battery. Battery technology is especially relevant in vehicles equipped with a start-stop system.


It is very important that the battery enters the cabin prepared for installation. Keep in mind that the measurements of the batteries are the maximum measurements of the same with all its edges, with the height of the terminal, with the tab for fastening, etc ... Therefore, if you have the appropriate gap for the measurement battery, you will have no problem installing it. In many cases you will see that you have a larger gap to install a larger battery. In these cases, we recommend that you put the battery with the highest amperage that fits into the hole.

Arrangement of the terminals.

It is essential that the positive of the battery matches the location of the positive of the battery you have installed. The convention is to locate the positive being as close as possible to the terminals, since in some cases, the battery may have the terminals closest to the conductor and in other cases closer to the license plate.

However, if you look closely at the photo you can see if the positive of the battery matches the one you have.

In general, except for Asian, American or some off-road vehicles, it is normal for the positive to be on the right.

This is a general guide. However, if you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable battery for your vehicle.